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Website Design, “Content is King” & Responsive a Must…

If “Content is King!”, then Responsive, relevant and Intuitive website design follow suite. Search Engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing now require websites to be specifically built to be user-friendly, mobile-friendly and search-engine optimized.

Well planned, technically sound, and professionally built websites include relevant and or valuable content, attractive images, outbound links and intuitive user-interface… Successful websites attract attention, include compelling calls-to-action and lead viewers to click and respond.

Search Engine Optimization: Search optimized websites have keywords/ key phrases built into the page content, headlines and metadata, images and links. They have a much better chance of being found by web-surfers doing organic keyword searches. Search Engine services like Google, Yahoo, and Bing rank websites based on many different algorithm metrics; Keyword rank, Relevance of the content, page load-speed, ease of use, and mobile friendliness are calculated and given ranking scores. The purpose is for web searchers to have a good user experience and actually find what they search for. Optimized websites help viewers:

  • Find Relevant Content
  • Gain Useful Knowledge
  • Solve a Problem
  • Share Information
  • Engage & Connect

Organizations with a top-ranking website have a powerful tool for communicating their message, 24/7/365. Whether it’s target market is local, regional, national or global.

Google is purposely de-ranking all non-Responsive sites.

To prevent Google from de-ranking a websites, it’s framework, and user interface must now be Responsive (specifically built for mobile devises). A Responsive website will fluidly reconfigure it’s self to fit the format of any type of mobile devise’s screen. The website fluidly rearranges the content, images, hyperlinks and menu navagation so that it remains readable and usable on any size browser window. Almost 70%, of all website searches are now being done on a mobile device, rather then on a desktop. So Google is purposely de-ranking all websites that are not specifically built to mobile-friendly Responsive standards. All non-Responsive websites are ranked lower then they previously did, and rank lower then it’s competitors who have a Responsive website. The reason Google is doing this is because they want all web searches to be a good user experience on mobile devices.

Website Marketing Success Tip: The most effective websites are strategic, and purposely designed to be the hub for all other digital brand and marketing efforts and online activities. From social media site links, blogposts, and events calendar, to testimonials, email newsletters and shared content… The ‘read more’ links, lead viewers to a website so readers are taken to the website to continue reading. Website interactions can be tracked with leads generated and followups automated. Evaluating analytics data reports measures results. The idea is to keep website traffic high, continually improve search engine page ranking, and increase results.

  • Increase Search Results

  • Improve Rank Position

  • Prompt Viewer Engagement

  • Track Prospect Leads

  • Build Contact Lists

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