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Marketing is Not Sales…

Marketing: the process of telling a compelling story —around an irresistible offer— to attract an ideal audience.

Sales: the process of arriving at an agreed upon value and concluding a financial transaction.

It doesn’t matter how great an offer is, if not enough people know it exists!

An organization could have the best offer in the world, but still fail, if not enough people know about it. And conversely, an organization with a mediocre offer could still be successful if enough prospects know about and respond to it.

Most organizations face similar challenges. They are working on gaining more customers. A well planned and executed marketing plan creates the conditions to keep the sales pipeline full.

Consumers are NOT looking for a product or service. They are looking for a solution to a problem or condition. The better that businesses are at making a relevant offer and compelling solution, to a specific problem, the higher market share they will earn.

We don’t buy what we “Need”. We buy what we Want.

As consumers, we all tell ourselves a story about why we “need” (want) a product, service or solution. The most effective marketing tells a compelling story around the problem it solves. Consumers tell themselves a story about how something they want will solve their problem.

Up-sell, cross-sell or resell… “Would you like fries with that?” Or, “…Super-size it?”… Offering a glass of water to a thirsty crowd (target-market) is much easier, and more effective than broadly saturating an area (mass-marketing) in hopes that someone (the customer) needs a drink (product, service or solution).

The Golden Age of Advertising is done. The old paradigm of using television broadcasts, and magazine ads to SHOUT messages at the masses is no longer an effective strategy. Spending millions of dollars for a 30-second TV ad, during a major sporting event, is difficult to quantify results. It’s REALLY hard to determine how that translates into sales. All that can be measured is how many potential eyeballs may have watched the commercial. The traditional automotive manufacturers seem to believe it still works. Maybe it does, for them… for now? But not for long! They spend a ton on TV ads, and do a lot of it. Small businesses don’t have the budget for that sort of speculation, they need results.

The Industrial age has gone away, and the ‘Connection Economy’ is here to stay!

Targeted Marketing, Social Media, Direct Sales, Relationship Building, and Engaging prospects, is all about connection. And they are all taking mass-media marketing’s place. The new messaging-medium is friendly, social, personable and interactive. It is highly targeted, relevant, trackable and connected.

New York Times Best Selling Author, Seth Godin’s book, All Marketers Are Liars, may be a contentious title but the book is actually about how effective marketing is storytelling.

Marketing is Storytelling. Telling a compelling story around an irresistible offer.

  • Content Marketing— is relevant, valuable messaging about a specific subject.

  • Target Marketing— is focused, delivered to an ideal and intended audience.

  • Permission Marketing— is trusted, delivered to those who want to receive it.

  • Direct Mail Marketing— is targeted, delivered to specific lists or postal routes.

  • Effective Marketing— is received, favorable response & return on investment.

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