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Responsive website design is built specifically to be mobile-friendly and complies with Google’s standards of Responsive website design.

67% of all web searches are now done on a mobile devise vs a desktop computer.

Google wants all web searches, and specifically, all mobile users to have a good web viewing experience so they’ve changed their search ranking algorithm. Google has been de-ranking all websites that are not purposely built to be mobile-friendly and more specifically to be Responsive design compliant.

BrandZing creates completely custom-crafted and Responsive website design solutions for many different business and organization types. The content, framework, image and user interface are designed and developed to meet the unique needs of every client. It has the look, feel and flavor that best describes what the offer is about. No cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all, or generic templates allowed!

The painstaking attention to detail may not be obvious but it takes many multiple hours of advanced technical and creative skills to make the website process look easy. Properly built websites also require marketing messaging, intuitive user interface and search engine optimization to make a website attractive, encourage engagement and function correctly.

A business website is most effective when it’s built to be the hub of all other related brand, marketing and social media activity and efforts. The business owns and controls their website (but not the social sites) so all their social media platforms should be used to drive traffic to the companies website.

Contact a BrandZing web design expert to discover how a mobile-friendly website will save your current search rank position and to move it even higher.

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