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BrandZing creates elegant and beautiful Marketing Materials that are specifically designed with a look, feel and flavor that visually describes what the offer is about. Marketing Communications and Print-Media Design is a form of visual storytelling. When a well balanced use of pictures, words and images are integrated and professionally designed, the marketing materials get a response and results.

Marketing collateral, and print-media marketing materials are still an effective sales tool. Attractively designed and well written 3-part postcard campaigns are a powerful direct-mail marketing strategy that gets results. Oversized postcards are like a billboard, they standout in the mailbox and don’t look like junk-mail, so they get read and responded to.

Bi-fold, tri-fold, and quad-fold brochures are a good medium to use as a leave-behind after making a sales visit. They also work well in a brochure rack or could be designed as a self mailer, with no need for an envelope. Tri-fold brochures are an attractive format. Each of the six panels can be designed as a separate page that contains a different segment of a businesses product, service or offer.

Flyers, sales-sheets and one-sheets can be designed to be one-sided or two-sided, on the front and back.

Print Media Marketing Materials, Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns and Marketing Collateral, Brochures, Flyers, Postcards, Posters, Booklets and Catalogs. Design, Production & Printing.

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