Company Logos

Logo Design, Brand Identity, Trademark, Icon, Insignia… these are all visual identity designs that represent products, services, and brands. Designed by BrandZing.

A logo is not the brand. A company logo is the visual identity or graphic image that represents the brand. Therefore the Logo, brand identity, or trademark is the cornerstone of any brand that they represents.

BrandZing is an award winning logo design service with over 35 years of experience and expertise in building exceptional brand identity and logo designs for businesses in a wide verity of industry categories.  BrandZing professionally designed logos capture the look, feel and flavor that best describes what an organization is all about.

The logo design process is comprehensive and holistic. Designing a bold and memorable image is exhaustive work that includes a combination of word association, conceptualization, and visual shorthand. Boiling down a unique message into it’s most concentrated essence makes it more potent. A company logo must be simple, bold, clean, and readable at any size. Logo design is visual shorthand that instantly conveys a specific message to represent a brand.

BrandZing creates bold, beautiful and completely custom-crafted original designs that stand the test of time. Contact BrandZing to learn how they will create a world class logo and brand identity for your product, service and business brand.

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