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A company logo, trademark or brand identity is the visual representation that identifies the brand. A logo refers to the brand but in and of itself is not the brand.

Every organization, product, service or persona is a brand.

Whether it was intended or it wasn’t, good or bad, like it or not… Because a brand is a promise, a reputation and a proposition of it’s owner. A brand is also the culture, habits, message, and core value of the organization it represents. And a brand is simultaneously the experience, expectation, association, assumptions, and emotional response or trigger of its: purchaser, user, viewer, client, prospect or follower… Every touchpoint adds to the brand experience.

In short, a brand is the reflection and representation of an offer.

An organization’s brand has an actual value that can be measured and —when established and managed well— has the potential of becoming the organizations most valuable and lasting tangible asset. Brand equity can be calculated and added to the bottom-line.

Building brand awareness, value and equity are critical to an organization’s success.

In the context of this web page, the word Branding is not referring to the application of an identifying mark being emblazoned onto an object. In this case Branding is used as a way to describe the process of building brand: representation, identity, management, and value of an entity.

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